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cnf screen protector

The motto of CNF KOREA is to produce all kinds of films in order to cover glass in the world. For this reason, we have expanded our business from window film field to screen protector field in 2015.   In modern life, electronic devices are one of the necessary items. CNF KOREA suggests the easiest way to upgrade your life with electronic devices. Our lineup of screen protector films has a wide range in order to meet various needs of people. There are Ultra-clear films, Anti-glare films, Anti-fingerprint films, Blue light cut films, Anti-shocking film etc.   Nowadays, as a trend in screen protector field, lots of people use tempered glass to protect their mobile devices. As for tempered glass protectors, CNF KOREA is supplying AB tape rolls to glass laminating factories. Our engineers, who have lots of experience in doing silicon and acrylic adhesive coating, produce only top quality AB tape without white spots problem. In 2015 CNF KOREA has launched the mobile accessories brand under the name “Mobilnjoy”.

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